How Shopping Small Will Benefit You

How Shopping Small Will Benefit You





 We have all read the quotes and seen the meme’s about why supporting local and supporting small is so important for small business. But let’s turn that on its head, and have a look at how it benefits YOU, because in addition to that warm and fuzzy ‘feel good’ sensation it gives you, there’s actually many reason why it’s in YOUR best interests to support small. 


    The product that you’ve just purchased had YOU in mind during the development process. At the forefront of the makers mind is what YOU will need. Big corporate and chain brands focus primarily on profit, and they cater for the masses, for what will sell the most, not what YOU might need. The little details? The individualisation? Real product diversity and uniqueness comes from supporting small.


        Why buy small if it’s for someone else? Because by doing so you are showing that they mattered enough for you to put thought and effort into a gift that is unique. A gift that you went out of your way to get. And really, is there any better feeling then making someone feel valued and feel like they have been given time and consideration? A gift that is unique will always mean so much more.

          “From a small business you will receive the fruit of their passion. They share with you a little piece of their dream.”


            Supporting a local business means supporting YOUR community. Local business taxes stay local. Money spent locally, is recirculated locally, which is a very important thing to remember because it’s that money and taxes which supports schools, parks, roads and funds  public services such as medical and emergency services.


              Social Impact.

                Small business owners are one of you. They know the struggles and challenges of life in our society. Therefore it’s the small business owner that will employ the stay-at-home mum and give her the flexibility to complete the work remotely in the comfort of her home. They will employ the student juggling study and family commitments. For small business owners, people come before profits.

                  Have Influence.

                    You are making dreams come true. Really, YOU are. That little girl who has been begging for ballet classes for a year. She finally started going. Because YOUR support meant that her parents could afford to send her. When you purchase from a small business it makes a REAL difference to the business and all who work with it.

                      “When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream”

                      Customer Service.

                        A small business needs to strive with all its might to survive. Therefore they provide personable, hands on customer service. You will be dealing with the maker themselves. They genuinely listen and hear what you say and are personally vested in YOUR satisfaction and happiness.

                          “Small businesses provide the feeling that a real person is behind it all, someone who cares more about giving us a quality product or service, over just taking our hard earned dollars.”

                          Environmental and Social Sustainability.

                            Small business owners care about giving back.  They are dedicated to reducing environmental impact because they are driven by a desire for betterment. Small businesses are leading the way in using eco-friendly and environmentally conscious production and packaging and are heavily involved in  charity campaigns and community initiatives. YOU are the one making it possible for them to change the world, one meal donation and one biodegradable package at a time.


                              “Support each other. Why do you need a reason to do that besides the fact that it is the right thing to do?”

                              Take home message: Each time you need to shop a gift or buy something for your own family, choose to buy from a small business. =)