I needed a good and thick moisturiser and we tried every brand from the chemist. Nothing really helped my baby's dry patches. I tried the Dry Skin Rescue Pack and it has kept my baby's skin soft and smooth ever since.

Marie K.

My 7 year old daughter has really dry skin on her legs, to the point it looks scaly, like a snake’s. I used all sorts of lotions on her but they didn’t help until I used Melvory’s Lavender Butter and within days there’s been a huge improvement!

H.N. Wang

I have 3 children, all who have sensitive & easily irritated skin. I tried Melvory's Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter and in less than 24 hours, my baby's face and back was smooth and clear! I am so happy if I could rate this 10 stars I would!

Tiarn Packham

I wanted to show your the great effect of your eye serums. They're really working! Thanks for such great products, I have tried other products but to no avail. Will recommend these to my friends.

Lily Peck

I am currently experiencing my second pregnancy, but with a super nasty side effect.... breakouts!!!! On my back, So I started using the Green Tea Cleanser paired with the Blueberry Serum and was AMAZED by the results! Not only did it get rid of ALL acne on my back, but cleared up the blackheads on my face!

Amber Lee Price

Since moving to Adelaide, the dry weather has caused my son to have extremely dry skin, to the point the form scales like a snake. We tried the Calendula powder & Hemp Butter. Just after 3 days his skin is so much better. His skin has remained smooth and soft ever since.

Karen Yong

My kid has dry & rough patches that get worse during winter. Unfortunately, all those expensive brands we tried, are just watery lotions. We heard that Dry Skin Rescue Pack and are so blown away by the results. 

Li Grace

I have always had ugly and painful cracked heels. I decided to get a jar to try. My goodness!! The Lavender Butter is so intense that it is able to penetrate all that dead skin and within a 5 days the skin became smooth!

Jenny S.

My baby has dry patches on her tummy and I tried Melvory's Dry Skin Rescue Pack. After using for 2 weeks I can see improvement on her dry patches and there is no more flaky skin. 

Melissa Haman

Nothing else works for the dry and peeling skin of my hands so decided to try Melvory's Raspberry Hand Cream during the day, and Hemp/Lavender Butter at night. So much better now!

Lina Nguyen

Love the Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter!! Worked so well for my dry feet! Will be ordering again soon.

L. Lo

Melvory’s creams are so wonderful for healing up my dry  fingers. They are beautiful moisturising creams that smell divine, absorbs nicely within minutes and do not leave a sticky or greasy residue.

Audrey Sim

I used this cream on my 7 month old baby for rough and dry patches on his face. It smells divine and is gentle on his skin (and mine!). I’m happy to say that his skin has cleared right up! Highly recommend! 

Lauren Cunningham

My Alex suffers from very dry cheeks during the winter, but after only 2 applications across 12 hours of the Hemp Seed Oil Whipped Butter, all the discomfort is gone. This works wonders on my 13 year old teenage son and my husband as well.

Luca Edwards

I have the driest heels with terrible cracks and boy did this cream saved them! It's now soft, and you can no longer see the cracks! I will definitely continue to use this amazing product to make sure my heels and soles of the feet stay soft and crack free! Thanks so much!


My baby started developed these uncomfortable-looking, dry patches all over body! We use Melvory's butters that are super rich and very quickly, her skin is all nice and smooth again. 

Renee Medland

There's been some improvement in eye bag appearance after 1 month of using the Eye Am Not Tired Duo every day.

Lydia Pethick

I have tried many eye care products and have always struggled from heavy bags, dark circles and fine lines. Never before has a product had such a profound and immediate effect! I honestly couldn't be happier with this product, it has totally transformed my eye area.

Luca Edwards

Skin Salvation Starter Pack

Skin Salvation Starter Pack

Details SAVE $3.80 WITH THIS COMBO PACK! A RESCUE KIT FOR DRY & FLAKY SKIN Organic bath and moisturisers that soothe dry and rough patches, no harsh chemicals and zero preservatives. Soothing Calendula Baby Milk Bath 180g This is a gentle soap substitute that turns the water a rich golden colour and is naturally soothing on dry skin. Made from natural Calendula essence, finely
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Eye Am Not Tired Duo

Eye Am Not Tired Duo

DETAILS Your Passport to Beautiful Eyes! Melvory's Goji Berry Eye Cream and Ginseng Gold Serum are a unique duo that
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