Our Packaging

Our Packaging

At Melvory, we work really hard to source the most eco-friendly packaging for our products. There is no easy answer when it comes to packaging. We have even contacted multiple manufacturers for biodegradable plastic but unfortunately this material isn’t always compatible with the cream/oil. But not only that, Australia currently does not have the facilities for commercial composting of biodegradable plastic. So unfortunately, biodegradable plastic isn't an option for now.
We have given so much thought when choosing the best packaging for our products. We have to factor in things like:
  • Is the material compatible with the product?
  • Is it safe to use? (We don't want glass smashing on shower floors)
  • Is it expensive? 
  • Can it be re-used and recycled?
  • Is it heavy and will that cost more in freight?
  • Does the design represent our premium products?
Packaging is something that is at the very heart of Melvory and we are constantly re-evaluating and looking for ways in which we can do better than ever before.

Our other efforts in ensuring that we reduce waste as much as possible:
  • Majority of our shipping boxes are collected from offices, cleaned, and reused.
  • Our white packing foam is made from corn starch and can be easily dissolved in water within minutes
  • Our bubble wrap is made from plant fibres and is biodegradable




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1. Are these glass jars recyclable?
If you have no need for them, the glass jars are fully recyclable. Simple remove the lids and then place both lid + jar into your kerbside recycle bin.
2. Can I re-use these glass jars?
Of course! You can wash your glass jars and re-use them to store things like spices, sugar, coins, hair ties etc

3. What products use these glass jars?
  • Hemp Seed Butter
  • Lavender Cocoa Butter
  • Aloe Vera Face Cream
  • Probiotic Face Cream
  • Chamomile Sleep Balm
  • Baby Bum Balm



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1. What are these bottles made of?
The body of these bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. Recyclable PET plastic from kerbside bins are collected, cleaned and then processed into plastic resins which are used to manufacture these bottles.

2. Are these Mini Plastic Bottles recyclable?
Yes! Simply remove the cap from the body of the bottle, and place both pieces into your kerbside recycle bins for them to be recycled again.

3. What products use Mini Plastic Bottles?
  • Trial Size Green Tea Cleanser
  • Trial Size Peach Oil Cleanser
  • Trial Size Cucumber Milk Cleanser
  • Trial Size Rose Silk Toner


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1. Why does my bottle not have a tube?
Some of our most popular products now come in Airless Pump Bottles. You may notice that there is no tube within these bottles, and be wondering how they work!
These bottles have an inbuilt diaphragm at the bottom which pushes the product upwards towards the pump head. This is why you'll see your remaining product moving UP the tube as it's used, instead of emptying downwards. This amazing technology means that there is little to no air within the bottle as the product gets used - this slows down the process of oxidation and will help the natural ingredients inside stay fresher longer.

2. Are they made from real bamboo?
No, they are not. The parts that look like bamboo are actually printed with the design using an eco-friendly technique called water transfer printing.

3. Are these Airless Pump Bottles recyclable?
Yes! Our bottles are made from plastic and all of their parts can be fully recycled.

4. What should I do when I've finished using the product?
Remove the cap and the pump from the body of the product and place all 3 parts into the kerbside recycle bins. Easy as that!

5. What products use these bottles?
  • Green Tea Cleanser
  • Peach Oil Cleanser
  • Cucumber Milk Cleanser
  • Blueberry Serum
  • Goji Berry Eye Cream
  • Ginseng Gold Serum
  • BB Cream (this bottle will continue to be all white)



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1. How do these bottles work?
These are traditional pump bottles, and contain a tube inside to help suck up and dispense the product.

2. What are these bottles made of?
The body of the bottle is made from PET plastic and can be fully recycled. The pump heads are mostly plastic, but with real bamboo around the neck.

3. What should I do when I've finished using the product?
Remove the body of the bottle and place them into your kerbside recycle bins. 
The pump heads can be recyled via a community terracycle box. For more information about your local terracycle recycling program, please visit https://www.terracycle.com/en-AU 

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So as you can see, a lot goes into making our packaging choices. We are constantly on the lookout for better and improved packaging. If you have any questions or ideas to contribute, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at hello@melvory.com ❤️