Help! My Baby has Dry Skin

Help! My Baby has Dry Skin

I understand first-hand how helpless and frustrated we might feel, particularly as a new Mum, when we watch our baby suffer from itchy and painful dry skin. 

Our babies are adjusting to this (sometimes cruel) new environment, their skin is adapting and we desperately wish to offer them some immediate relief and comfort. We try all the creams, experiment with different laundry detergents, eliminate possible irritants, and see all the doctors, with varying results. 

Whilst itchy skin for young children is not uncommon, its cause is not well known and there is no ‘cure’ as such. But it can be controlled and there are strategies which will help your child to feel more comfortable. One strategy is to keep the skin well moisturised. This is particularly important during the Winter months. 

By keeping your baby’s skin moist and healthy, this will reduce the risk of inflammatory skin problems such as eczema.  Here are some suggestions as to how to keep your baby’s skin moist and healthy:


Use a Thick Cream which provides a Protective Barrier and also Promotes Healing

To heal dry skin, apply products that are thick and which will provide a protective barrier. This will ensure that the skin stays moisturised whilst it’s healing. Thicker creams are more effective than lotions. 

Melvory has two types of body butters that work particularly well for dry skin:

Lavender Cocoa Butter - harnesses the healing power of lavender and calendula. These two traditional herbs have been used for centuries to treat wounds and skin injuries.

Melvory Lavendar Cocoa Butter

Hemp Seed Butter - a thick and rich formulation that protects and calms the skin.

Hemp Seed Butter

What’s the difference between the two? Lavender cocoa butter calms and soothes the skin, keeping you comfortable particularly throughout the night. Hemp Seed Butter provides super intense hydration to improve the protective layer of the skin. Both are equally effective and have great feedback for skin improvement.

When skin is awfully dry and uncomfortable, apply 3 - 5 times during the day until symptoms ease and skin is healed. Both butters are suitable for use on babies and adults. The formulations use gentle ingredients, with no preservatives or perfumes.   

Avoid Harsh Cleansers in the Shower and Bath

It is best to avoid fragranced soaps and antibacterial cleansers which can be very harsh on your baby’s skin, particularly during flare-ups. If you find that bathing or showering your baby with plain water also seems too drying for their skin, you may wish to try our:

Calendula Golden Milk Bath - add 2 spoonfuls of this natural powder to your bath or apply it onto the skin in the form of a paste (a common treatment used to help relieve itching). Calendula calms and soothes, Goats milk nourishes, and Oatmeal aids moisture retention and helps form a protective film on the skin.  

Melvory Calendula Golden Bath Milk

Oatmeal Moisturising Wash - a moisturising, plant based wash made from pure Oatmeal, Calendula, Chamomile and Honey extracts. This extra gentle wash is designed to calm, soothe and prevent irritation on easily troubled skin. It’s a natural shampoo and baby wash all in one, which is mild and tear-free. 

Melvory Oatmeal Wash

Remember that Prevention is Better than Cure

Once your baby’s skin is healed, the key is to maintain moisture levels and to avoid irritation. Avoid dryness from the outset by regularly ensuring your baby’s skin is moisturised and protected. For maintenance of happy skin, apply either of our body butters 1 - 2 times a day, and always immediately onto skin after bath. 

As a Mum who turned my frustrations from seeing my babies suffer, into formulating effective skincare solutions, I hope our products will offer something which works for you and your babies too (Being a Registered Pharmacist is a happy alignment in this regard!) 

I truly understand the heart of a Mum who aches when they see their baby in pain or discomfort, and hope we can bring some comfort and solution to your journey. 

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