Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set
Timeless Beauty Set

Timeless Beauty Set

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This gift set contains everything you'll need to slow down the appearance of wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles and sun spots. Boost youthfulness and collagen production with our all-natural skincare regime!  

The Age Defying Set consists of these 9 amazing products which includes a FREE Bamboo Brush and Shipping! 

1. Cucumber Milk Cleanser 60mL

A luxurious milk cleanser made from a unique blend of  Organic Cucumber, Rosehip and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. It nourishes & deeply hydrates your skin while it cleanses, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. A unique anti-ageing formula designed for dry and mature skin, to slow down the appearance of deep lines.

2. Rose Silk Hydrating Toner 100mL

Like a water balloon, this thirst quencher bursts on impact, flooding your skin with moisture and nourishing it with the natural goodness of Rose and Papaya. A moisturising toner that will leave your skin feeling soft and silky, with the extra benefits of lightening dark spots.

3. Blueberry Vitamin C Serum 30mL

A soft and light serum packed with rich organic nutrients that tighten skin for a more youthful look. Highlights the very rare and unique blueberry seed oil, which is a great source of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. Absorbs immediately into the skin with no greasy residue. Its matte finishing makes it an awesome primer/base before putting on make-up. 

4. Goji Berry Eye Cream 15mL

Reduces Puffiness & Eye Bags

A refreshing eye cream of Goji Berry essence that acts like a double shot espresso for the eyes. Look alive with this fast-absorbing cream which brightens, tightens and de-puffs to downplay the appearance of eye bags and lines around the eyes. 

5. Ginseng Gold Serum 15mL

Fades Dark Circles & Lines

An exclusive formulation providing a superior combination of organic and anti-ageing superstar ingredients. Organic Gold Ginseng, Frankincense and Myrrh all work together to stimulate a smooth, healthy and young-looking eye region. Also helps to hydrate dry patches on skin.

6. Aloe Vera Face Cream 50mL

A soft, smooth & nutrient rich cream suitable for all skin types. It is further enhanced with precious Frankincense which can help reduce the appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles and help tighten skin to naturally slow signs of ageing.

7. Super Berry Face Oil 20mL

This organic facial serum is formulated with 20 concentrated cold pressed organic oils that combines the power of acai berry, strawberry, blackberry, lotus flower, pomegranate and sea buckthorn berry oil, to deeply nourish your skin and stimulate collagen production. Suitable for all skin types.

8. Collagen Honey Mask 50mL and Bamboo Brush

Infused with honey, hyaluronic acid, grape seed and cranberry extract, this plumping and firming mask helps to reduce fine lines and improve the elasticity of your skin. By adding Collagen directly onto the skin, wrinkles will fade and skin will stay youthful and smooth.

9. Walnut Konjac Sponge 

This sponge has two sides! The white side is made from pure konjac root fibre and is soft enough to be used daily, even on the delicate areas under our eyes. On the other side, we have embedded crushed walnut shell into the sponge which makes it a great face and lip scrub.




Step 1: Walnut Konjac Sponge
Soak your Walnut Konjac Sponge in in water for 5 minutes before use. Once it has been used consistently, you'll only need to wet it for 1-2 minutes for it to soften and then watch it grow to twice its size.

Step 2: Cucumber Milk Cleanser
Dispense cleanser onto the softened Konjac Sponge and massage over wet skin. Spread in small circular motions and then rinse off with water. Avoid getting into the eyes.

Step 3: Rose Silk Hydrating Toner
After using the cleanser, spray a few puffs of our beautiful smelling Rose Silk Toner all over your face and neck. Allow to dry naturally or use a clean cotton pad to dab away excess droplets. This is a hydrating toner combined with organic botanical extracts that can help brighten skin tone, reduce redness and balance skin pH.

Step 4: Blueberry Vitamin C Serum
Next, apply two pumps of the Blueberry Vitamin C Serum, which will add a healthy glow to your skin. You'll find that this product leaves almost a matte finish and if you wear make-up, this works well as a base.

Step 5: Goji Berry Eye Cream / Ginseng Gold Serum
Gently dab around eye area with your ring fingers, as these fingers put the least amount of pressure to the delicate skin of your eyes.

In the morning, use the Goji Berry Eye Cream, which naturally tightens your skin within minutes. 
Before bedtime, use the Ginseng Gold Serum to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Step 6: Aloe Vera Face Cream
Next, use our all rounder Aloe Vera Face Cream that is suitable for all skin types. It is a light, yet rich cream so adjust the amount you apply as needed for your skin. i.e. more on the dry patches and at bedtime for overnight repair.

Step 7: Super Berry Face Oil
Apply a few drops onto forehead, cheeks, neck and décolletage, twice daily -morning and night. Massage gently until absorbed. Many skin conditions will see an improvement within 4-6 weeks.

We recommend using this treatment oil as the last step in your skincare routine, after your moisturiser. The nutrients in the oil can penetrate through the moisturiser and also seal in all the hydrating ingredients, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

Step 8: Collagen Honey Mask

Apply to clean skin and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash mask away with a wet face cloth or for extra smoothness, exfoliate with our Walnut Konjac Sponge. We recommend using your mask 3 times per week.

Follow these steps twice daily and watch your skin transform! These products work together so well to help bring back that youthful plumpness to your skin. You'll be glowing in no time! 


Cucumber Milk Cleanser : Organic aloe vera, Organic rosehip oil, glycerin, Organic cucumber extract, Organic cucumber seed oil, Organic lime extract, xanthan gum, coco-glucoside (coconut & sugar derived), stearic acid (vegetable derived), Oregano oil, Glyceryl Stearate (vegetable derived), cetearyl alcohol (coconut derived), Organic thyme extract, Organic olive extract, Rosemary extract, Organic lavender oil, Organic orange oil, Organic cedarwood oil, Organic ylang ylang oil, Organic lime oil, Organic neroli oil

Rose Silk Hydrating Toner: Organic rose flower water, Organic witch hazel, Organic papaya extract, Organic bearberry extract, Organic vegetable glycerin, sodium lactate, sorbic acid

Blueberry Vitamin C Serum: Organic aloe vera, Organic vegetable glycerin, cetearyl glucoside (vegetable derived), sorbitan olivate (olive oil derived), radish root ferment filtrate, Organic blueberry oil, crambe abyssinica seed oil, Organic bearberry extract, Organic mandarin oil, Organic tangerine oil, Organic calendula extract, Sclerotium gum, Sambucus nigra fruit extract, Xanthan Gum, Sorbic Acid

Goji Berry Eye Cream: Organic aloe vera, Organic glycerin, cetearyl glucoside (vegetable thickener), sorbitan olivate (Olive Oil emulsifying wax), Radish root ferment filtrate, Organic abyssinian seed oil , Organic Goji Berry extract, Organic mandarin oil, Organic uva ursi leaf extract, Organic calendula extract, sclerotium Gum, Sambucus nigra fruit extract, xanthan gum, sorbic acid.

Ginseng Gold Serum: Organic gold ginseng oil, Organic rosehip oil, Organic argan oil, Organic jojoba oil, Organic frankincense oil, Organic myrhh oil, Natural vitamin E oil.

Aloe Vera Face Cream: Organic aloe leaf juice, Organic vegetable glycerin, Organic apricot oil, Organic beeswax, Organic shea butter, Organic macadamia oil, Sorbitan olivate (olive oil derived), Organic almond oil, Organic frankincense oil, Sambucus nigra fruit extract, Organic coconut oil, Organic grapefruit oil, Organic calendula extract, Organic bergamot oil, Organic ylang ylang oil, Organic geranium oil, Organic lemon oil, Organic coriander oil,  Organic tangerine, Jasmine oil, Roman chamomile oil, Organic palmarosa oil, Rose oil, Xanthan Gum, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Radish root ferment filtrate, Organic rosemary extract, Citric Acid, sorbic acid, lactic acid

Super Berry Face Oil: Organic rosehip oil, Organic camellia oil, Organic marula oil, Organic sea buckthorn berry oil, Organic acai berry oil, Organic raspberry seed oil, Organic blueberry oil, Organic strawberry oil, Organic blackberry oil, Organic pomegranate oil, Organic chia seed oil, Organic jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, shea oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, rosemary extract, mandarin oil, pink lotus oil, neroli oil

Collagen Honey Mask: Purified water, Organic glycerin, Organic jojoba oil, Red algae thickener, Organic avocado oil, Organic macadamia oil, Natural Vitamin E, Organic Honey, Organic soya bean oil, Organic lavender oil, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Radish Root filtrate, Sambucus nigra fruit extract, silica, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic grape seed extract, Paper Mulberry extract, Licorice Root extract, Cranberry Fruit extract, sorbic acid.


1. I've got sensitive skin. Are these products suitable?
Oh yes! All Melvory products are suitable for sensitive skin. We are very careful in selecting only very gentle organic ingredients. There are no parabens, SLS, petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives or perfumes.

2. What is the shelf-life of these products?
Approx 18 months.

3. How often can I exfoliate using the Walnut Konjac Sponge?
Use the walnut (brown) side up to a maximum of 3 times a week as a face scrub. The white side is soft and gentle enough to be used daily, even on the delicate eye area.

4. How often should I use my Collagen Honey Mask?
For best results and consistently glowing and smooth skin, we recommend using this mask 3 times a week.

Grab this set today and you'll be ready to tackle the signs of aging head on - your skin will thank you for it! 

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