Radiant Winter Skin

Embrace Radiant Winter Skin. Winter Survival Guide: Skincare Edition.

Radiant Winter Skin

As we approach cooler days in the coming months, we may be looking forward to fireside reads, hot cocoas, and maybe even a family trip to the snow!

Now is also the time to start thinking about switching up your skincare routine.

Winter poses unique challenges for our skin, including dryness, dullness, chapped lips and cracked hands and heels.


But it’s not all doom and gloom (even if there are more rainy days on the horizon!) 

A good skincare routine is one which adapts to the needs of your skin. When our external environment changes, the way we care for our skin also needs to adapt.

We’re not talking about completely overhauling your skincare routine! With just a few simple adjustments, you can keep your skin looking radiant and healthy, even during the coldest months.

So, cozy up with a warm cuppa and let’s dive deep into the secrets of Winter skincare (which is actually not so secret!).

1. Hydration - both Inside and Out during Winter

In Winter, the cold air tends to be drying. Indoor heating can further deplete moisture levels.

The key is to hydrate from within by drinking plenty of water and incorporating moisture-rich foods into your diet (such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and berries). 

You may also wish to consider using a humidifier to add moisture to the air in your home. 

The use of a hydrating cleanser, toner and moisturiser will help to keep your skin nourished and supple.

2. Lock in Moisture during Winter

To help lock in moisture (especially after all the good work you have done hydrating!), use a heavier, oil-based moisturiser. This will form a protective layer on your skip, helping to prevent moisture loss.


Don’t forget to apply a moisturiser (or a good body oil!) to your body, especially on your hands, elbows, and feet.

For an extra dose of hydration, use a hydrating mask once or twice a week.

If you’re looking for some products to address Winter skin needs, we recommend:

  • Super Berry Face Oil - which is easily absorbed and deeply hydrates the skin without suffocating your pores.
  • Our Aloe Vera Face Cream - which is an intensely hydrating moisturiser, helping to lock in moisture. 
  • Our Hemp or Lavender body butter - for use as an all over body moisture.
  • Or for something a bit more luxe - try our all new Radiance Body Oil which deeply nourishes and reminds you how good it feels to look after yourself. 

3. Gentle Cleansing during Winter

During Winter, opt for a gentle, creamy cleanser that effectively removes impurities without compromising your skin’s natural barrier.

Harsh cleansers will only strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and irritated! 

Remember to wash your face with lukewarm water instead of hot water (although it is sooooo tempting to opt for hot water!) which can further dry out the skin.

Our Cucumber Milk Cleanser is a great cleanser to use during Winter. 

It’s gentle on your skin, and hydrates while it cleanses.

4. SPF is a Must All Year Around

Even though the sun may be hiding behind a cloud during Winter, harmful UV rays can still penetrate the clouds and cause damage to your skin.

Always wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from sunburn and premature aging. 

A moisturiser with built-in sun protection is great to use for added convenience (and so you don’t forget!)

Our mineral BB Cream is a 4-in-1 moisturiser, serum, skin-tint and sunscreen! It gives a lovely sheer to medium coverage and now comes in three different shades to cover a wider range of skin tones. It’s perfect for everyday wear - all year around.

5. Lip Love during Winter

Chapped lips are a common Winter woe.

You can combat dryness by applying a nourishing natural lip balm. Exfoliating your lips gently with a sugar scrub can help remove dead skin and promote smoother, softer lips. 

Avoid licking your lips (yes we know it’s tricky!) as saliva can worse dryness.

Our Avo Lip Butter is suitable for both children and adults - it is made using gentle and organic ingredients (100% natural) to nourish and protect delicate lips.

If you wish to incorporate a bit of colour, we also have our vegan lipsticks which are hydrating, longstaying, with a cream, rich velvet texture.

6. Show Your Hands some TLC

Our hands can often be exposed to harsh elements during Winter, leading to dryness and cracked skin! 

It is best to protect them by wearing gloves when outdoors, and to invest in a rich hand cream to keep them moisturised.

Tip: for intense hydration, apply a thick layer of hand cream before bed and wear cotton gloves overnight to seal in the moisture.

Our Raspberry Hand Cream and Hemp Seed Butter is perfect for giving your hands some TLC.

7. Stay Hydrated from Head to Toe during Winter

Skincare is more than just about caring for our face! The rest of our body needs some loving care too.

Take warm (not hot showers), as hot water can strip away our natural oil. 

Opt for mild, moisturising body washes, and follow up with a rich body lotion or oil while your skin is still damp! This helps to lock in moisture and keep your skin silky smooth during Winter.

We love our:

Winter and Radiant Skin can co-exist! 

With a little extra care and attention, you can maintain healthy and radiant skin all Winter long.

Embrace the change in season by changing up your skincare routine, and using products to help combat dryness and protect from harsh weather conditions.

Winter is the perfect opportunity to pamper your skin with the love and care it deserves.

Bundle up.

Take time for some self-care.

And embrace Radiant Winter Skin.