good body oil

What Does a Body Oil Do?

Good Body Oil

How to fight body acne?

How to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles?

How to improve skin elasticity, firmness and skin texture?


The answer to all these questions is … (at least in part) the use of a good body oil.

Adequate moisture is an important component of skin health, and sometimes the use of a lotion or cream may not be enough.

This is particularly true when we are approaching the drier Winter months.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the far-reaching benefits of using a good body oil. 

Once you learn and experience the benefits of incorporating a body oil into your skincare routine, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! (And be super impressed that the solution may be at your fingertips.)

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider incorporating a body oil into your skincare routine.

1. It helps fight body acne

Body Acne can be an extremely frustrating and embarrassing problem to deal with. Your first thought towards addressing the issue may be to stay away from oils entirely to avoid over-clogging the pores! 

Perhaps surprisingly, the use of a body oil may help to combat body acne*.

Many body oils (such as those containing grapeseed oil) have natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to kill acne-causing bacteria. 

It can also help to reduce redness and irritation associated with breakouts.

2. It helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles by promoting skin elasticity and firmness

As we age, our bodies produce less Collagen, and Collagen is a protein which gives skin its elasticity and firmness. 

By using a body oil, you can help to boost collagen production, which in turn leads to firmer, more youthful looking skin.

This is particularly so for areas of the body that are prone to wrinkles, such as the neck, chest and hands.

3. It improves skin texture and appearance

Natural exfoliants are found in some body oils. These can help to remove dead skin cells, revealing smoother, brighter skin.


Essential fatty acids and antioxidants in body oils can also nourish the skin and improve its overall health, leaving it looking and feeling healthier … thereby improving both skin texture and appearance!

4. It may have a skin tightening effect

Body oils can help to stimulate blood flow and circulation, which can contribute to a skin-tightening effect. The increased circulation helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin, promoting healthy cell turnover, and reducing the appearance of saggy or loose skin.

When used in conjunction with a skin tightening cream (such as our Wild Jasmine Body Souffle!) the skin tightening effect can be further enhanced. Our Wild Jasmine Body Souffle contains ingredients such as quadong and gotu kola extract, which have been shown to have skin tightening properties also.

5. It deeply moisturises the skin

Body oils are excellent moisturisers for the skin, providing deeper hydration than lotions or creams. The essential fatty acids and other nutrients found in body oils can penetrate the skin’s outer layer and provide deep hydration.

Additionally, body oils create a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, which helps lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated for longer.

Which body oil to use?

If you’re looking to try or incorporate the use of a body oil into your skincare routine, our new Radiance Body Oil is a great option as it’s carefully formulated with the following hero ingredients:

Grapeseed Oil contains natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a highly effective ingredient for fighting body acne. It helps combat excess oil production, clogged pores and/or bacterial overgrowth. 

Almond Oil is a nourishing oil rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It’s easily absorbed by the skin, and also contains antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. This helps slow down the aging process and keeps the skin looking healthy and youthful.

Calendula Oil is a gentle, soothing oil that’s often used to calm irritated or inflamed skin. It contains a variety of antioxidants, including carotenoids and flavonoids, which can help to protect the skin from damage caused by environmental stressors.

Patchouli Oil is a natural essential oil extracted from the leaves of the patchouli plant. It has a distinct, earthy aroma and is known for its soothing and calming properties. Patchouli oil is also rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

If you’d like to add a body oil to your skincare routine, now is a great time to do this!

To sweeten the deal (and to celebrate the launch of our newest creation!), we are offering you a unique 15% discount code when you buy our new Radiance Body Oil: RADIANCE15

*Just a reminder that we always recommend the advice of a professional medical professional to address specific skin issues.