Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

Have you ever wanted to get away from store bought deodorants and try a more natural approach instead? You’re not alone – more and more of us are embracing a simpler, cleaner way of living and switching to a Natural Deodorant is a great place to start!  

Before we begin, it’s important to know that here at Melvory, we have spent many months perfecting a deodorant formula that you will love – from its smooth, lightly scented consistency to its eco-friendly cardboard packaging. Not all natural deodorants are made equal, so be sure to check out the ingredient listings.

Natural Deodorant Melvory Australia

So what is Natural Deodorant & why is it so great?

A Natural Deodorant is just that: it’s natural.

It will not contain aluminium or antiperspirants, instead utilising natural ingredients that are anti-bacterial and mildly fragrant. They help to promote fresher smelling natural body odour, without stopping sweat protection or changing your skin’s microbiome.

Natural Deodorant Melvory Australia


Natural Deodorant vs. Anti-perspirant Deodorant

The key difference between the two is that Anti-perspirant Deodorants contain aluminium, to block your sweat glands to prevent perspiration, leaving you feeling drier for longer. Deodorants on the other hand, do not stop you from sweating but they tamp down on the bad bacteria that cause unpleasant BO.

Aside from research indicating the possible toxicity involved with using aluminium based products directly on the skin and close to the lymph nodes, Natural Deodorants are highly favoured because they allow the body to sweat.

Aluminium in Anti-perspirant and Breast Cancer

So why is Aluminium a big no-no? Studies have found that Aluminium-containing anti-perspirant which are applied frequently and left on the skin near the breast, may be absorbed by the skin and have disruptive hormonal effects. (1)

This is a worry, because Aluminium is a metal that is capable of interfering with the hormone, oestrogen. It is also known to have a genotoxic profile, where it can cause both DNA alterations and epigenetic effects in breast cells - which could play a role in the increasing incidence of breast cancer within the human population. (2)

Even more concerning, is that in-vitro study has demonstrated that Aluminium from antiperspirant can be absorbed through the human skin. (3) This means that even the smallest amount of anti-perspirant deodorant containing Aluminium on your underarms, can cross the skin membranes and be absorbed into our blood streams and subsequently enter into our body tissues. 

Breast Cancer and Aluminium in Antiperspirants and deodorants

Aluminium can accumulate in the mammary glands and selectively interfere with the biological properties of breast cells, which can cause a cascade of early phases of malignant transformation or metastatic process. In other words, it is NOT something that you want close to your breast tissues! Given that the toxicity of Aluminium has been widely recognized, reducing or omitting the use of this metal in anti-perspirants is strongly recommended. (3)

These facts might seem a little scary, but they’re worth mentioning - because you can never be too careful when it comes to your health. Natural deodorants really do make sense and are the better and safer option when choosing a product for BO control. 

Sweating is your friend!

Sadly in this day and age, sweating is misunderstood. In fact, the human body is designed to sweat, as it helps our body with temperature regulation and acts as a natural detoxification system.

Your sweat isn’t what makes your body odour potent, either; it’s actually bacteria.

Switching to a Natural Deodorant that is aluminium and toxin free, means that your skin is able to breathe freely, eliminating the need for synthetic fragrances and other harmful chemicals. You’ll be sweating out the bad, and only applying the good! 

How do Natural Deodorants work?

Natural Deodorants work by allowing your sweat glands to breathe. They won’t stop you sweating, but they will help to get a hold on the bad bacteria that causes Body Odour.

Melvory’s Natural Deodorant is quick and easy to apply, with its creamy formula lasting all day and providing you with a soothing and zesty scent to keep you feeling fresher for longer.



Will I have Body Odour when switching to a Natural Deodorant?

It is common to have a detox period when switching to a Natural Deodorant, which typically lasts for two weeks. You might find yourself just a little bit smelly during this phase, but this  is a normal, natural purging process that your body goes through as it adjusts to a new, natural deodorant. Here are our top tips to get you through this initial adjustment period:

  • Sweat, baby, sweat! Embrace the sweat, and remember that this is what will help to flush the toxins out of your body.
  • Drink lots of water - help your body to naturally clear itself of the built up nasties and cleanse your system from the inside out!
  • Exfoliate your pits! Use our Turmeric Charcoal Mask to help detox and exfoliate your armpits. This can assist in masking the stronger smelling body odours during the detox phase.
  • Don't give up - a strong scent in the first few weeks means that your Natural Deodorant IS doing its job, and your body is on its way to reaping the benefits.

Don't forget, you can re-apply as often as you need during this phase. Once your body has detoxed from its typical Anti-perspirant Deodorant, you’ll find that your natural body odour has its own, less overwhelming scent.

Natural Deodorant Melvory Australia

What are the Hero Ingredients?

Melvory’s Natural Deodorant is made using 100% natural ingredients, all designed to keep your pits feeling fresh and zesty.

Shea Butter and Coconut Oil nourish the delicate underarm area.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Kaolin Clay and Arrowroot Powder absorb odours and moisture.

Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Tea Tree and Bergamot Oils leave you with a sweet, uplifting zing as well as eliminating bacteria which leads to unpleasant aromas.

Ready to try some out for yourself?

Head to the website now, and your happy and healthy armpits will be thanking you in no time!

Natural Deodorant Melvory Australia


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