A Guide to Double Cleansing

A Guide to Double Cleansing


The first thing I usually get asked is “Is this another new fad?” – well no, its definitely not. Double cleansing has been the backbone of many Eastern skin care routines for decades, and for good reason.

Double Cleasing, to put it simply, involves two essential steps of cleaning your face.

Step 1: Use an Oil Based Cleanser

The most effective way to remove makeup, excess oil, sunscreens and grime build-up is with the use of an oil based cleanser, because oil melts away even the thickest of foundations and most stubborn of sunscreens without stripping the skin of its own essential oils.

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As with most things in life, not all Oil Cleansers are created equal, many contain synthetic derivatives and artificial ingredients which research has shown to cause more damage than good.

We recommend trying Melvory's Peachy Rose 3 in 1  Oil Cleanser. The exotic oils take cleansing to the next level by deeply nourishing even the most sensitive skin as well as conditioning the lashes.

Expert Tip Did you know that the pores on your face are orientated in an upwards direction? Therefore, when cleansing it’s always a good idea to rub and lather + massage upwards and to get rid of those stubborn pore-clogging oil seeds.

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Step 2: Use a gentle Foaming Cleanser

Once you’ve cleansed the surface of the skin, we then want to concentrate on removing all those excess oil, and also on delivering nourishment to the skin. This is incredibly important to make sure that any skincare you apply afterwards performs optimally, by allowing the active ingredients to penetrate and absorb effectively.  

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Skin that is not properly cleansed will not be able to absorb and benefit from any serums or creams that you apply. In light of this, adequate skin cleansing is arguably the most crucial step in any skin care routine, because without it, anything else is only partially effective at best.


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"What if I don't wear make-up? Do I still need to Double Cleanse?" The answer is YES! It’s still incredibly beneficial! Dirt and pollution that are in the air all around us accumulate throughout the day on our skin. As does sweat and excess oil. It is very important to wash these contaminants away because they are the root cause of collagen break down in our skin and also give rise to wrinkles, sun spots, uneven tone and skin damage such as dryness and enlarged pores.


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That often leaves the question “Do I HAVE to double cleanse every time?”. The simple answer is it really depends, I would definitely recommend double cleansing at least once during the day, preferably at night. It’s probably not so crucial for the morning cleanse to use both, our Green Tea Gentle Cleanser is generally sufficient, unless you have used an over-night mask that you need to thoroughly cleanse away when you wake up.

I’ve recently discovered a clever little tool that I have found helps me to effectively cleanse my skin even when I’m at my busiest – stay tuned for the next blog where introduce this clever little creation, the natural Konjac Sponge =)