6 Top Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

6 Top Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

It’s very common for babies and children to need help with falling asleep and to resettle when they wake between sleep cycles.  

Sleep deprivation for parents can have many detrimental effects on their physical and emotional health. To help you get more rest, here are our top 6 tips for better sleep!

 1. Have a consistent routine

Babies love routines. Routines help their little bodies to know what's next. There are many ways to prepare your baby for bedtime. The most common routine used by parents is feed, bath, moisturise/massage, swaddle, cuddles and pat to sleep. There isn't a "one size fit all" routine. So try a few different ways, but remember to stick to one routine long enough for baby to get used to it.

You’ll be up for disappointment if you try something new and expect your baby to get the cue within a week or two. Persist with the routine and they’ll eventually get it.

 2. Swaddling

Swaddling makes babies feel secure by mimicking the tightness and limited mobility experienced in the womb. It also prevents them from waking themselves up with their startle reflex.

3. Bedtime Massage

Nightly massages with a lot of skin-to-skin contact will help create a calm atmosphere for both parent and child.

There are 3 key components to a successful baby massage:

  • Baby needs to be reasonably calm, well fed and burped. After bath is ideal.
  • Make sure you are in a low stimulant space, preferably dimmed lights and no loud and exciting sounds. Perhaps hum a soft lullaby…
  • Use a massage balm that can calm and soothe. Melvory’s Chamomile Sleep Balm contains a unique blend of botanical oils, the perfect aromatherapy to gently ease baby into a relaxed state so that falling asleep can come naturally.

Make my baby sleep, natural sleep remedy Chamomile sleep balm massage sleep balm help baby to relax massage before bed bedtime routine


For infants, use soft & gentle strokes. For toddlers and kids, you can use firm but very light “massage” strokes. Think of a massage stroke as smoothing your baby’s skin, rather than rubbing it.

1. Legs & Feet
Rub some Chamomile Sleep Balm onto your palms and with warm hands, slowly stroke baby from thigh, shin, down to feet. Use your thumb to gently rub the balm onto baby’s little feet.

2. Tummy
For baby’s stomach, massage in a clockwise direction (the same way as baby’s digestive system moves). This movement may help baby to fart, which is good for them.

3. Back
Flip baby over and massage his/her back using slow, long strokes.

Bond with your baby, watch them relax and enjoy a longer stretch of sleep! 😊

Use white noise

White noise is a type of noise that is produced by combining sounds of all different frequencies. It enables baby to block out other noise and helps them fall to sleep initially and stay asleep longer.

Check out the “Sound Sleep: White Noise” app. You can download it into your phone, it’s free!

For older kids or even adults, lots of parents have used "Spa Relaxing Music" on the Spotify free app.

5. Use a good quality nappy. 

A wet nappy can be uncomfortable and will wake babies up. Using a good quality, super absorbent nappy overnight will ensure baby stays dry and comfortable while asleep.

6. Healthy Skin Keeps Baby Comfortable

If your baby suffers from dry skin, she may feel uncomfortable during the night and might wake up to scratch. Using a good quality moisturiser that provides long lasting protection will keep baby’s skin well hydrated throughout the night.

Melvory's Skin Rescue Set contain Organic Butters that are extremely rich and thick, designed to keep babies comfortable. They don't sting when applied to sore patches and smell of natural cocoa butter which babies and toddlers love!

Eczema psoriasis skin rescue itchy skin dry skin scaley skin handmade in Australia Australian made gentle on the skin babies with eczemaEczema psoriasis skin rescue itchy skin dry skin scaley skin handmade in Australia Australian made gentle on the skin babies with eczemaEczema psoriasis skin rescue itchy skin dry skin scaley skin handmade in Australia Australian made gentle on the skin babies with eczema

Hope these tips help get your little bubbas to sleep better. Let us know if you have any other tricks up your sleeves. We would love to hear from you!