Handmade with love, and this was our story....

3am : Sobbing silently to myself while rocking my baby back to sleep. We’ve had 18 months of hourly wake ups and I was completely wrecked. My poor baby had extremely dry, eczema prone skin that made her so uncomfortable and itchy she just couldn’t sleep well.

I was also pregnant with my second child then and the no-sleep gig was making me go mental. I looked at my entire stash of expensive store bought creams that promised intense hydration and just sighed with disappointment. Nothing seems to be helping.

Out of desperation, I decided to do my own research using my knowledge as a pharmacist, carefully selecting gentle organic food grade ingredients and blending them into a soothing cream to help my little girl. To my amazement, her dry skin started to improve. After a few weeks, the redness faded and after weeks of consistent use of my homemade Lavender Whipped Butter, her eczema resolved.

Now she has soft and smooth skin, just like how a baby’s should be. One of the most memorable days of being a mum was the day I chucked out all the expired steroid creams in my cupboard, as we didn’t need them anymore.

Melvory Skincare was born out of my pure love and my passion to give other young families the chance to try a natural alternative for problematic skin conditions. I’m blessed that we are on this journey of healing and that my two girls (Melody and Ivory) now have beautiful, healthy skin.

Our products are of top-notch quality. Absolutely only the best, as what we sell is also what we use at home.

No Parabens
No Formaldehyde
No Artificial Fragrance
No Harsh Chemicals

"Natural. Gentle. Safe"

Natural Beauty Secrets...

I’ve also inherited some old family recipes from my two loving grandmothers. These ancient leather bound books didn’t just have traditional food recipes, but in the last few pages I found traditional skincare recipes (oh my!!!). No wonder the both of them at 85 years old have skin so smooth still!!

Since finding these rare treasures, I’ve been a mad scientist in my home-based lab. The beauty products that Melvory Skincare manufactures is so different from streamlined cosmetics. No artificial fragrances and preservatives, ensuring that we women use only the best from Mother Nature, nourishing our skin all the way into the deeps layers.

You’ll love how your skin feels, and be absolutely confident even without make up. =)